Panasonic – Digital Phones

Supported Devices

E-MetroTel has introduced support for the following Panasonic digital phone models (other models may be supported in the future):

  • KX-DT343 Digital Telephone with 3-Line Display
  • KX-DT521 Digital Telephone with 1-Line Display
  • KX-DT543 Digital Telephone with 3-Line Display
  • KX-DT546 Digital Telephone with 6-Line Display
  • KX-DT635 Digital Telephone with Monochrome Display
  • KX-DT680 Digital Telephone with 4.3″ Color Display
  • KX-T7630 Digital Telephone with 3-Line Display
  • KX-T7633 Digital Telephone with 3-Line Display (configure as a KX-T7630. Note that there is no support for Digital XDP.)
  • KX-T7665 Digital Telephone with 1-Line Display
  • KX-T7667 Digital Telephone with 1-Line Display
  • KX-DTU100 Digital Communication Terminal

These models will be supported on any of our existing DSM16p cards after the application of a software update to both the DSM16p card and the UCX software.  The updated DSM16p software adds a new Digital Set Mode to the Gateway / Device Configuration page to enable the card to support a full complement of a maximum of 16 Panasonic digital phones. Note that while a single DSM16p can only support one Digital Set Mode; multiple digital set types (XSTIM, Nortel, Avaya, Panasonic) can be supported using multiple DSM16p cards connected to a single UCX based system.

To configure the phone on the UCX, see Adding an XSTIM Extension.

Supported Functionality

Loop Length:

The DSM16p (v5) design enables a maximum loop length of 2000 feet (608 meters) when using 0.5 mm (~AWG24) cable.

UCX Features:

The following features have been fully tested:

  • Voicemail
  • Set based configuration
  • Hot desking
  • Conference
  • Call Transfer
  • Call Park
  • Redial
  • Call Hold
  • Call Log
  • Shared Call Appearance
  • Distinctive ring types for internal/external calls

Panasonic digital phone key mapping

  • Message:    The button will access UCx Voicemail (which is integrated into all UCX software and does not require a separate add-on system peripheral.
  • Pause:    Supported in next release
  • Flash/Recall:    Redial
  • Redial:    Last number Redial
  • Auto ANS/Mute:    Mute operation
  • Auto Dial/Store:    Supported in next release
  • Cancel:    Supported in next release
  • Conf:    Conference
  • FWD/DND:    Call Forward
  • Intercom:    Line Key 1
  • Transfer:    Call transfer
  • Hold:    Call hold
  • SP-PHONE:    Speaker Phone key, Line Key 1
  • Feature Keys:    Line keys and Programmable feature keys
  • Soft Keys:    Standard XSTIM protocol soft keys
  • Navigation keys:    UP/DOWN – volume control for ringer and audio path (see Current Limitations, below), Services function key navigation 


Known Issues

The following list are known based at the time of the creation of this document:

  • Adjusting the volume while on a call on a T7665 set will prevent the phone from disconnecting from the call. If this happens, the phone must be restarted by unplugging the line cord at the and plugging it back in again.
  • Volume setting changes made on any Panasonic digital phone are reset to defaults after a phone is restarted
  • If the Ringer Volume is reduced to the “Ringer Off” value on a Panasonic phone, incoming calls will still result in audible ringing.

Planned Limitations

The following is a list of limitations for Panasonic Digital Set support:

  • First Key Position under PBX Configuration -> XSTIM Settings must be set to RIGHT BOTTOM.
  • DECT base stations are not supported via the Panasonic digital interface
  • Digital XDP mode is not supported (each Panasonic telephone must be connected directly to the DSM16p on a dedicated pair)
  • Set Relocation is not supported (Note: an extension is tied to the DSM16p port, not the telephone. However, UCX Hotdesking will allow that extension to be used on a different telephone connected to a different port.)

Note that the wiring pinouts on the line cord connectors on Panasonic digital phones is different than the pinout used on similar sized connectors on Nortel and Avaya phones.  Please ensure you have the correct pins connected. Also note that the standard RJ-21 connector pinout for the DSM16p connection also applies to the DSM16p when in Panasonic Digital Set Mode.