Galaxy Expand – Remote Gateway Configuration

Remote Gateway (Expansion Chassis) Configuration

Multiple Galaxy Expand chassis can be configured at a single location to support all the telephony interfaces required for a particular customer deployment. Expansion is accomplished by interconnecting either the Ethernet ports or the USB ports, or both from the Switch Fabric Card on the main Galaxy Expand chassis to their corresponding ports on the extension chassis.
To extend the Galaxy Expand system to multiple chassis:

  1. If there will be Ethernet based Telephony Interface cards in the expansion system (DSM16, PRI, or FXS16 cards) then connect both either the Eth1 or Eth2 interface on the Switch Fabric card on one chassis to the Eth2 or Eth1 interface on the second chassis. This extends the ethernet network used on the chassis backplane from one chassis to the next using a standard Cat5 (or better) ethernet cable.
  2. DAHDI based Telephony Interface cards are note supported in the Remote Gateway configuration, regardless of how many chassis are configured.


Switch Fabric Card

There is no configuration required on the Switch Fabric Card.  The connected Ethernet and USB interfaces simply create extensions of the backplane between the multiple chassis.

Telephony Interface Cards

For details on how to configure the optional Telephony Interface Cards, refer to the following:

  1. DSM16 Card Configuration (Ethernet Enabled)
  2. PRI Card Configuration (Ethernet Enabled)
  3. Analog Card Configuration (Ethernet Enabled)