Galaxy Mini – Supported Phones and Devices

The E-MetroTel Galaxy Mini platform is an all-in-one telephony platform that can support FXO and FXS interface modules to suit a wide variety of small business configurations.  Because the Galaxy Mini runsstandard E-MetroTel UCX software, it is capable of supporting the full breadth of telephony devices as other E-MetroTel hardware models.  However, on the Galaxy Mini some of those telephony devices – specifically E-MetroTel Infinity 5000 series IP (XStim) phones and legacy Nortel/Avaya/Panasonic digital phones – do not require additional licenses in order for them to be used.  Using other telephony devices such as SIP phones and Nortel/Avaya IP (Unistim) phones can be configured, but require additional licensing before they can be used.

Telephony Devices NOT Requiring Licenses

The follow devices are able to be configured and used (up to the maximum 32 stations) without the installation of any licenses on the Galaxy Mini:

Supported E-MetroTel IP (XStim) Phones

Infinity 5000 (XStim) Series

  • Infinity 5004
  • Infinity 5006
  • Infinity 5008
  • Infinity 5010
  • Infinity 5010W
  • Infinity 5046 Color IP Phone Expansion Module

Supported Nortel Digital Phones

The Galaxy Mini supports the digital phones identified in DSM16 – Supported Hardware and Capacity via the DSM16p card.

Telephony Devices REQUIRING Licenses

As the Galaxy Mini runs standard UCX call processing software, Nortel IP (Unistim) and Third Party SIP phones can be configured on the system, but require a Universal Extension License prior to being able to be used.


The addition of one or more Universal Extension License(s) does not extend the number of supported telephony devices on the Galaxy Mini beyond its 64 station capacity. It simply allows one or more (up to the number of licenses installed) non E-MetroTel IP set (Nortel Avaya Unistim or 3rd Party SIP) to be used and counted against the 64 station limit.

Supported Nortel IP Phones

Galaxy Mini supports the following Nortel IP phones:

i20xx Series

  • i2001
  • i2002
  • i2004
  • i2007

11xx Series

  • 1110E
  • 1120E
  • 1140E
  • 1150E
  • 1165

12xx Series

  • 1210
  • 1220
  • 1230


  • 2033 (Volume control supported only on UCX systems with software Release 5.0 and higher)

Soft Phones

  • i2050
  • i2050 MVC

Supported Nortel IP Expansion Modules

UCX supports the following Nortel IP accessory expansion modules:

i200x Series

  • KEM (24 Key Expansion Module)

11xx Series

  • KEM (18 Key Expansion Module)

12xx Series

  • KEM (12 Key Expansion Module)

Supported SIP Phones

UCX in general will work with any SIP phone or SIP soft phone using standard call features. The following are specific SIP phones supported by E-MetroTel:


  • Infinity 5006
  • Infinity 5010
  • Infinity 5046 expansion module
  • UC2050s (Mobile SIP client for Android)

Third Party Phones

E-MetroTel will provide support for the following third party open standard SIP phones, as long as the phones are on the firmware versions that support SIP open standards and the phones have been configured as per the manufacturer’s programming instructions.

  • Cisco
  • Polycom
  • Snom
  • Vtech

E-MetroTel has been successful in creating interoperability with many of the phones from the above manufacturers using our open SIP Standards implementation. E-MetroTel is not responsible for maintaining interoperability support should these manufacturers modify the behavior of their SIP implementation.