Mitel – 5212 IP Phone


E-MetroTel has been successful in configuring a Mitel 5212 IP Phone to register with a UCX 6.0 server to process calls using the information contained within the document.


The phone used for configuration had the following software/firmware loads:
  • Main Load Version
  • Boot Load Version
  • L2Boot Load Version

E-MetroTel has been successful in creating interoperability with the referenced phone using our open SIP Standards implementation. E-MetroTel is not responsible for maintaining interoperability support should the manufacturer modify the behavior of their SIP implementation in subsequent releases.

Step 1 – On the UCX Server

  1. Login to UCX Administration
  2. Navigate to PBX – PBX Configuration – Extensions page
  3. Add an Extension for a Generic SIP Device with the following basic parameters:
    • User Extension (e.g. 504)
    • Display Name
    • secret
  4. Click on Submit to create the extension
  5. Press the Apply Config bar at the top

Step 2 – On the Mitel 5212 IP Phone

Setting Mitel 5212 phone to SIP mode and Network configuration

Connect power to the phone and perform the following steps:

  1. Press the Directory key on 5212 phone [also called SUPERKEY (see key description below)] and power up the phone
  2. At the Configure Phone? menu, select Phone Mode? and select SIP
  3. The version information shown on the phone can be displayed in Version Info menu
  4. Set DHCP mode to ON in Network menu
  5. Connect the phone to Power-Over-Ethernet port
  6. The phone is expected to pick up an IP address and boot up in SIP mode
  7. The phone IP address can be seen by pressing SuperKey (Directory key) → 3. Network Settings menu → Phone IP address
  8. The web configuration page for phone can be opened in browser using the phone IP address (shown below)

Step 3 – Configuration via Web Interface

Accessing the phone’s web interface

  1. From a web browser, enter the IP address of the phone identified in step 8 above.
  2. Login as Admin, the default password is 5212.

Configure the SIP Configuration page

  1. The SIP Configuration can be entered under Administrator Tools → SIP Configuration page.
  2. The UCX Server IP address is to be entered in SIP Proxy Server and SIP Registry Server fields.

Configure the User Configuration

  1. The SIP Configuration can be entered under Administrator Tools → SIP Configuration page.
  2. The User ID or Extension, SIP Authentication User Name, and SIP Authentication Password should match the information entered into the UCX in Step 1.

Configure Date/Time, SNTP server, key programming

  1. Date/Time, SNTP server, key programming can all be performed from the appropriate link from the main Web configuration page

E-Metrotel Results

After configuring per the above steps, the following was noted:

  • Phone operations
    • Calls were made from/to Mitel 5212 IP phone with Nortel IP and SIP phones.
    • ​Dial tone was played out. Ringing, ring back tones were generated. Call was hung-up using disconnect key.
  • Conference, Transfer features worked with Conference/Transfer key.
  • Call was placed on hold using Hold key
  • Redial key works as expected
  • Speakerphone key works as expected
  • Do not disturb feature was tested successfully
  • Message waiting indicator lamp is lit when a message is sent to Voicemail box
  • The message waiting indicator lamp is cleared when the voice message is accessed or deleted.
  • Voicemail needs to be accessed with Feature code *97, the Message button tries to connect to voicemail server which does not work

Mute key on the phone was not working (the button was not lit and the voice path was not muted) however this may have been due to a faulty key.