Distinctive Ring Tones (Alert Info)

The Alert Info field is used to configure distinctive ring tones for incoming calls. This field is present in the following PBX Configuration pages:

  • Inbound Routes
  • Queues
  • Ring Groups
  • Follow Me
  • Parking Lot
  • Directories
Note that call scenarios not listed above, including Call Transfers, do not support setting distinctive ring tones using the Alert Info field.

An example is shown here:

This field supports values entered in the following format:

  1. <supported identifier>
  2. [any prefix]info=<supported identifier>
  3. [any prefix]info = <supported identifier>
  4. Bellcore-<supported identifier>
  5. <supported string>
  6. [any prefix]<supported string>

Where the supported identifiers are (case insensitive):

  • r0 – r7
  • dr0 – dr7
  • ring0 – ring7

and the supported strings are (case sensitive):

  • internal or Internal (equivalent of ring0)
  • external or External (equivalent of ring1)
  • group or Group (equivalent of ring2)
  • queue or Queue (equivalent of ring3)

XSTIM Phones

For XSTIM Infinity and Nortel IP phones, use the identifiers R0 – R7.
For Norstar Digital phones, use the identifiers R0 – R3.
For Meridian Digital phones, ring tones can only be configured on the phone itself.
For Avaya 9400 phones and 9500 phones, you can set Personal Ringing in the menu, under Screen and Sounds.

SIP Phones

For SIP phones, refer to the phone manufacturer’s technical guide or website for the required identifier strings.