Parking Lot Monitor Solution

Feature Description

The Parking Lot Monitor solution allow businesses to monitor the state of parking lots via BLF keys.


A medical office with doctors A, B, C, D and multiple receptionists taking calls. If incoming call is for doctor A, receptionist parks the call and pages doctor A.
Each receptionist has a Infinity 5010 XSTIM phone with an expansion module.

Step 1 – Configure Parking Lot

Create parking lot with enough slots for all the doctors. Assign the parking lots to easily identify which slot is for which doctor.

In our example, we create 40 slots and assign them as follows:

  • Doctor A: Slot 710 – 719
  • Doctor B: Slot 720 – 729
  • Doctor C: Slot 730 – 739
  • Doctor D: Slot 740 – 749

Set the Parking Lot Starting Position to 710 as the first slot number.

Enter Number of Slots as 40.

The Parking Timeout is set to 600 seconds (10 minutes). If the call is parked and not picked up by the doctor in 10 minutes, then the call is returned to the receptionist who parked the call.

To clearly identify a call returning to the receptionist after a timeout, there are several options to deploy:

  • Parking Alert-Info – Use a different ring tone for returning parked calls (e.g. select from R0 – R7).
  • CallerID Prepend – Prepend the CallerID with a unique string to identify the call as a returning parked call (e.g. Park).
  • Auto CallerID Prepend – Append to the above prepend string with the parking slot number, select “Slot” from the drop-down list. This will let the receptionist know which parking slot the call came from.
    For example, if a call is being returned from parking slot 721, the CallerID will look like this: Park721:<CallerID>

To help the caller know that their call is not being picked up by their Doctor, but instead is being sent back to the receptionist, record an announcement letting the caller know.

  • Announcement – Select a recording from the drop-down list. You can record something that says “Thank you for your patience. We are routing your call to the receptionist to further assist you.”
  • Ringback Timeout – This timer determines how long the returning call should ring the receptionist before being sent to an alternate destination.

The final step is to set the Alternate Destination if the receptionist is unable to pick up the returning parked call.

Step 2 – Configure BLF keys on Receptionist phone

Configure a BLF key for each parking lot position. Assuming we only need 5 parking slots per doctor, configure all 20 keys on the expansion module as follows:

Call Flow

1. Incoming call to the office, receptionist answers the call.
2. Caller asks for Doctor X, receptionist presses one of the available BLF keys assigned to Doctor X. Call is now parked on the selected slot Y.
3. Receptionist pages Doctor X to pick up call on parking slot Y.
4. After 10 minutes and Doctor X did not pick up call, caller hears announcement and is sent back to the receptionist.
5. The returning call rings the receptionist phone with a different ringtone, this alerts the receptionist that this is a returning call.
6. Receptionist checks the display to see which parking slot the call is from, answers the call and can respond to the caller appropriately.
7. Receptionist is too busy and unable to pick up the returning call, after timing out the call is sent to the alternate destination.