InfinityOne - What's New in Release 3.0

The following is an overview of the many new and enhanced capabilities delivered in InfinityOne Release 3.0.

New Video Conference feature

Support for Video Conferencing and Screen Sharing is the most significant new capability in Release 3.0.

  • InfinityOne Video Conference
    • Video conferencing for multiple parties.
    • Screen sharing for instant real-time collaboration.
    • Supported across all InfinityOne interfaces (Web browser, Desktop client, Mobile apps)
    • Updated Desktop client that supports video integration.
    • This is a licensed feature. The feature comes with a 90-day free trial starting on the day the Video Conference feature is enabled.

New Queue Reports feature

The InfinityOne Queue Reports feature is an extension of the UCX Call Center Reporting application. One of the key capabilities is that the reports can be sent via email. The same report is published in InfinityOne under the Queue Reports channel, where  users can join or leave the queue reporting channels similar to other regular channels.

This feature generates reports on queue data from the time the report is created, it does not report on historical data prior to the creation of the report.

The Queue Reports feature is supported on InfinityOne Desktop Client and Web Browser interfaces.

Reports include:

  • Agent Availability
  • Agent Disposition
  • Agent Duration
  • Answered Calls By Agent
  • Answered Calls By Queue
  • Answered Calls Detail
  • Answered Disconnection Cause
  • Answered Service Level
  • Distribution By Day
  • Distribution By Hour
  • Distribution By Month
  • Distribution By Queue
  • Distribution By Week
  • Distribution Per Day Of Week
  • Transfers
  • Unanswered Abandon Rate
  • Unanswered Calls By Queue
  • Unanswered Calls Detail
  • Unanswered Disconnection Cause

Mobile Apps

  • Native Mobile Client for Android devices
    • In addition to the existing support for iOS devices, release 3.0 now supports Android devices.
    • The Android client is available for download on the Google Play Store at or by searching for infinityone or emetrotel. Download the InfinityOne app to your Android device running Release 9 or later. The app requires a minimum of Android 6.0 to run, but full integration of voice capabilities requires Android 9.
      Note that the Android app status has been updated to Generally Available as of version 1.0.9. E-MetroTel recommends that all users update to this latest release using the link provided above.
    • Receive incoming calls even when the device is locked or the app is not running.
    • Support message notifications from InfinityOne server to Android devices when the device is locked or the app is not running.
  • Improved support for programmable keys
    • If the number of programmable keys exceed the display area, you can now scroll through the available keys.
  • Identify mobile softphones by firmware version and type
    • ​From the UCX Web-based configuration Extensions Overview page, softphones running on mobile clients will be listed with the firmware version and type. (E.g. 201026I for iOS and 201026A for Android)
  • Improved message notification for iOS devices​
    • Selecting a message notification will open the chat channel that the notification is from even when the device is locked.
    • On a locked device, swiping left on the message notification allows viewing and replying to the message without opening the app.
    • On an unlocked device, pulling down the message notification allows replying to the message without opening the app.
  • Improved general call handling for iOS devices
  • Added push notification heartbeat feature
    • This feature prevents the server from sending notifications to InfinityOne clients that are not logged in.
  • Improved missed call notifications
    • Missed call notifications are tracked on the server.
    • Even if client devices are turned off or cannot connect to the server, notifications are queued and can be sent when the client device connects.
  • Send device type for migrate extensions
    • ​To allow clients to distinguish if the device type is iOS or Android.
  • Favorites
    • ​Allow messages and channels to be marked as Favorites on mobile apps.

Telephony Enhancements

  • Support Held Line Reminder
    • When an external call is placed on hold, a notification tone will be played after the configured timeout period.
  • Add softphone audio device diagnostics
    • ​On the Device Settings page, there is a visual sound meter for input devices and a play button for output devices.
    • Supported on Web Browser and Desktop Client interfaces.
  • Auto detection of added and removed audio devices
    • ​InfinityOne will automatically detect newly inserted and removed audio devices and show the correct device list under Device Settings.
    • Pop-up message when device is added with button to set for handsfree or headset.
    • Supported on Web Browser and Desktop Client interfaces.
  • ​Improved handling of calls ringing and notifications
    • Applies to scenarios that involve Shared Call Appearance/Busy Lamp Field/Call Waiting

Administration Enhancements

  • Add administration and accounts management pages for push token
    • New Push Tokens page under Administration listing all push tokens.
    • New Push Tokens page under the My Account page lists push tokens for the user only.
  • Workaround for network routers that do not support loopback NAT
    • New secondary (local) network configuration.
    • Desktop and mobile clients will fall-back to local network settings when they cannot connect to the remote network settings
    • This feature is for InfinityOne application running on Appliance and Virtualized environments, it is not needed for Cloud installations.
  • Support batch creation of users via CSV file
    • Console CLI command added to support the batch creation of users via CSV file.
  • Installation wizard enhancements
  • Allow single character usernames

Application Protocol Interface (APIs)

  • Add API Rate Limiting
    • REST APIs (used by mobile clients) to monitor the server load that each request takes. If a client exceeds the configurable limits, requests are ignored (with proper responses) for a configurable time period.
    • ​New API Rate Limiting fields are added under CHAT GENERAL -> REST API page.

Wallboard Enhancements

  • Scheduled Wallboard Queue Resets
    • ​On the InfinityOne - Wallboard Application configuration page, a new field Scheduled Reset Type allows the administrator to choose how often to reset the queue stats.
    • This enhancement is available on a queue basis. Queues default to the Administration setting but can be overridden individually.

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Reduced Server Load
    • New AMI filters require less AMI message processing
    • Other server optimizations significantly reduces processing
  • Desktop client completely rewritten and optimized
  • Wiki pages listed in alphabetical order
  • Email anti-spam enhancements
    • Include business address in outgoing emails
  • Handle Chrome WebRTC sdp semantics deprecation

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where some large sites would lose their Wallboard Subscriptions after an update.
  • Fixed an issue where servers would stop sending push notifications until restarted.
  • Fixed number of keys reporting to mobile clients.
  • Fixed issue where web browser and desktop client would lose their configured audio devices when moving between local LAN and external access.
  • Reduced delay sending push notifcations to mobile clients.
  • Make default channel assignment consistent across different user creation modes.
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