InfinityOne Release 2.0 Availability

Notice - February 27, 2020

E-MetroTel announces the general availability of the InfinityOne Release 2.0 software for UCx 6.0 software, beginning February 27, 2020. InfinityOne does not require a license to deploy and is supported on all UCx systems with the exception of the Galaxy Mini.
The InfinityOne server software will be automatically downloaded to your UCx when you do a System Update. Installation instructions are noted in the InfinityOne Administration Guide which is available through our standard Documentation page.
The launch of InfinityOne Release 2.0 introduces support for our mobile client on iOS (Apple) devices along with many enhancements to our Windows/Mac/Linux Desktop application and browser interface. The iOS client is available for free download from the Apple Store immediately. To access it, you may simply scan the following QR code with your iOS devices:


The user interface options are detailed here. A summary of What’s New in this release is also available in the documentation.

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