Nortel Norstar/BCM Digital Phones


In order to use Norstar/BCM digital phones with UCX software, these phones must be connected to the DSM16. The DSM16 can be configured to communicate with a specific UCX Software using its Web-based Configuration Utility. This UCX Server configuration applies to all Nortel digital phones connected to the UCX DSM16.

Step One: Configure DSM16 to communicate with UCX Server

To specify the UCX Server to which DSM16 is connected, perform the following steps:

  1. From your Internet browser, enter the IP address of the DSM16 (See DSM16 - Web-based Configuration Utility) to open the DSM16's Web-based Configuration Utility.
  2. From the Gateway tab, select Call Server
  3. In the Primary Server IP field, enter the IP address of the UCX Server
  4. If the UCX Server does not use the default port number for Nortel phones (7000), enter the port number in the Primary Server Port field
  5. Press the Save Changes button to update the configuration of the UCX DSM16

Please refer to the DSM16 - Gateway Configuration for more information on the configuration of other parameters.

Step Two: Connect phones to the DSM16

Refer to the DSM16 - Wiring Chart for wiring information on the RJ-21 telephony connector. You can connect 16 Nortel digital telephones to the RJ-21 telephony connector on the system's main unit.

Step Three: Configure the phones

Refer to the Device Configuration page for details on configuring the options for Nortel digital phones connected to the DSM16.

To configure the phone on the UCX Server, follow the instructions for Adding an XSTIM Extension.

Key Mapping

Note: On the UCX, the Shift button must be held down while you press any of the keys above the display, which will then invoke keys 22 to 33 (mapped in the same order as buttons 10 through 21).


Video Tutorial