Interactive Voice Response (IVR) also named Digital Receptionist or Auto Attendant allows configuring call termination of inbound routes to an IVR which will offer the caller menu options to help in the proper routing of calls. UCX offers unlimited IVR menu tree configuration, where menus can be nested to provide a hierarchical menu tree. There is no limit to the depth of the hierarchy tree. IVR menus can be associated with custom recordings to personalize your company branding and business requirements. Calls traversing the IVR menu tree hierarchies can virtually terminate anywhere you specify, for example Queues, Ring Groups, Languages and Annoucements just to name a few.

To add a new IVR, perform the following steps:

  • Open the UCX Web-based Configuration Utility
  • From the PBX tab, select PBX Configuration
  • From the left side column, click on IVR
  • Click on Add a new IVR
  • Enter the IVR Name and IVR Description in their respective fields

IVR Options


It is important that you create a System Recording that includes a greeting followed by the menu options available in this IVR.

  • In the Annoucement field, select a recording from the pull-down menu. The default value is None.


If you want the ability for the caller to directly dial an extension or access the company directory, you need to enable it.

  • In the Direct Dial field, select Extensions or one of the company Directories. The default value is Disabled.


In the IVR Options section, there are 2 fields that are required and you must select from the pull-down list:

  • Invalid Destination - Destination to send the call after the invalid recording is played
  • Timeout Destination - Destination to send the call after the timeout recording is played
DO NOT set the Invalid Destination or the Timeout Destination to a path that will attempt to route the call back to this same IVR. Doing so can cause an infinite loop and impact system performance and call processings

IVR Entries

This section is where you configure the available menu options and their corresponding destinations.

Click the plus  icon at the bottom to add more entries.

Click the trash  icon under the Delete column to delete an entry.

Press the Submit button to save.

Video Tutorial

Self Assessment Quiz

  1. What needs to be created for an IVR to let callers know what to press for the menu selection?
  2. Which field do you need to configure to allow callers to directly dial extensions?
  3. What is the maximum depth allowed for the IVR hierarchy tree?