Network Fundamentals

This page contains video tutorials on networking fundamentals that you will need to know before deploying a UCX Server.

Deployment of UCX in a Network

This page describes the deployment of your UCX Server in a network.

Security Configuration

An important aspect in planning of your UCX system's configuration are security considerations.

Numbering Plan Configuration

The Numbering Plan defines the actual numbers to be dialed by system users to access the different services of the UCX system.

Extension Options

You have to assign extensions to specific users/phones and select common options that will be used for these extensions.

Trunk Configuration

The UCX server supports 5 different Telephony Trunk technologies and one Custom Telephony Trunk type.

Voicemail and IVR Greetings

The UCX system comes with a default set of greetings for Voicemail and IVR. You can customize these greetings with your own recordings.

Maintenance Tasks

The UCX system allows requires very little maintenance. Recommended maintenance tasks can be scheduled for regular automatic execution.

IPv6 Considerations

Considerations for operating the UCX in a IPv6 environment.

UCX Network Connectivity Requirements (including UCX Cloud)

This page describes the basic requirements for consideration when you are deploying UCX capabilities across two or more sites or for a UCX Cloud deployment.