User Portal Security Update

Notice - August, 2021

E-MetroTel has released a new update that increases the level of security of the UCX User Portal feature. This new update is now available for all UCX 6.0 systems that have an active Software Subscription. When the system is updated, User Portal access will be disallowed for any mailbox using the default password.

E-MetroTel highly recommends updating your systems to install this security enhancement.. You may also consider disabling access to the User Portal on a system-wide basis through the Advanced Settings page (see the User Portal section).

While maintaining an active software subscription and keeping your system up to date is critical in preventing security issues, E-MetroTel also encourages UCX users to follow strong security practices, such as restricting access to the UCX system only to necessary services from expected IP addresses (or address ranges) whenever possible. E-MetroTel also suggests the use of strong passwords for all applications, including voicemail. You may wish to enforce a minimum voicemail password length using the minpassword field on the Voicemail Settings page.

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