InfinityOne Release 3.0 Server General Availability

Notice - July, 2021

E-MetroTel is pleased to announce that the InfinityOne Release 3.0 Server software has been officially released for General Availability (GA). This release brings support for Video Conferencing and Screen Sharing for all InfinityOne users across all supported platforms (Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS). A 90 day free trial of Video Conferencing is automatically available, after which the feature requires a separate license. The release also includes a new Call Center Queue Reports capability along with the ability to schedule queue stats resets for each queue directly from the Wallboard. As well, the release brings numerous enhancements for InfinityOne desktop client, mobile devices, telephony, administration, and server operation as well as ongoing bug fixes. Please refer to InfinityOne - What's New in Release 3.0 for complete details.

The InfinityOne Release 3.0 Server software will be available in our standard distribution repositories after 6:00 pm EDT Saturday July 17 . A manual Software Update update can always be used to update your systems at any time after this date. It will be included in any daily or weekly Automatic Updates scheduled for this weekend.  Monthly automated updates will pick this new version up at the end of July. 

The new desktop client is distributed within the new server software, and the latest iOS client is available on the Apple App store. E-MetroTel always recommends to use the latest versions available.

Note that the Release 3.0 also allows Android devices to connect and use these same capabilities including video, screen sharing, voice, and messaging, although the Android client software itself remains in Beta status. However, the Beta Android client software is freely downloadable from the Google Play Store.

E-MetroTel remains committed to providing a common set of capabilities across all our delivery platforms. This means that the video conferencing and screen sharing capabilities are provided not only for any cloud based or hosted systems, but also for our virtualized and customer-premise based appliance systems, as we remain focussed on providing customers with the flexibility to suit their needs.

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