System Log Files

You can use the Web-based Configuration Utility to view System Log Files stored under /var/log/ folder. This section lists the type of system log files you can view on this page.

Log file


UCx Telephony Service log entries (i.e. call processing)
queue_log UCx Statistics for queues
swupdate UCx Logs for Software Update





UCx Logs related to a2billing package
dmesg Linux Linux console messages
maillog Linux All messages related to email
secure Linux Security access information
vsftpd.log Linux Information related to ftp access
yum.log Linux Similar to swupdate but at a lower level
ucx/mdse.log UCx MDSE related messages
ucx/remote_access.log UCx VPN remote access information


To view System Log files, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the UCx Web-based Configuration Utility
  2. From the Support tab, select System Log Files
  3. Select the type of log file from the pull down list and the page automatically loads with the log file content
  4. You can also specify the number of Lines of log file information to be displayed on the screen. The default value is 9999.

When troubleshooting issues on the system, it is highly recommended that you copy the log file content displayed on this page and send to E-MetroTel support. Modify the Lines field to ensure you have enough information displayed to capture the event that you are troubleshooting.