The Billing page is used to setup and view cost based reports of calls made from the UCx system.

To setup and run billing reports, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the UCx Web-based Configuration Utility
  2. From the Reports tab, select Billing

Billing Setup

The Trunk Bill Configuration page allows you to set the default billing rate and assign trunk types for billing.
From the Reports -> Billing tab, select Billing Setup from the left-side column.

To change the default rates, select the Edit button:

  • Default Rate - Cost per minute for a call
  • Default Rate Offset. - Connection charge for a call

After editing press the Save button to save changes, or press the Cancel button to retain the previous values.

Use the checkbox on the left to select the trunk(s) used for billing from the list of all of the registered trunks.

Select the Billing Capable button to save the selected trunk types for billing.


The Billing Rates page allows you to create or edit billing rates without affecting old billing reports.

From the Reports -> Billing tab, select Rates from the left-side column.
A Default rate is always available as a "catchall" for any calls not handled by other rates.

Creating a Rate

To create a new rate, select the Create New Rate button.
Complete all fields for the new rate, and select the Save button to save changes, or select the Cancel button.




Leading digits needed to place call


Name of the rate


Billing rate of the call per minute

Rate Offset

Call connection charge

Hidden Digits

Specify the number of digits to remove from start of a call


Select trunk the rate will apply to


Editing a Rate

  • To edit an existing rate, select the View link for the rate

  • On the View Rate page, select the Edit button to edit the rate

  • On the Edit Rate page, you can modify the Rate, Rate offset, and Hidden Digits

  • Select the File current rate checkbox to retain the old rate values into the history of this rate (the history for this rate is displayed at the bottom of the page)

  • Select the Apply Changes button to save your changes, or select Cancel button to retain old rate values


Importing a New Rate

To import rates from a text file, you first create the text file in the following format (header row is required):

For example:


  • Select the Import File button to import a rate from a csv file

  • Select the Choose File button on the Import File page, to launch the windows file browser

  • Select the Save button to import the selected file, or Cancel button to not import a rate

Billling Report

The Billing Report page allows you to view/export the billing report.

From the Reports -> Billing tab, select Billing Report from the left-side column.

To filter the report, perform the following steps:

  • Click on the Show Filter button
  • Select the Start Date by entering a date in the edit field or pressing the calendar icon to select a date from the calendar selection tool.
  • Select the End Date
  • Additional filtering can be done by using the Search functionality, select a field from the search pull-down list and enter the search text.
  • Press the Show button

The report can be exported by clcking the Download button. The following three export formats are supported: CSV, Spreadsheet, PDF.

Destination Distribution

The Destination Distribution report provides a pie chart view of call distribution.

From the Reports -> Billing tab, select Destination Distribution from the left-side column.

You can set filters for the report as follows:

  • Start Date - The start date for calls to be selected
  • End Date - The end date for calls to be selected
  • Criteria - Criteria for distribution: Distribution by Time, Distribution by Number of Calls, Distribution by Cost

After setting the filter, select the Filter button to display the chart.

The maximum date range allowed is 60 days.