Remote SMTP

Notice: The Remote SMTP page has been removed from the System tab. It is located as a menu selection under the newly introduced System Tools tab. This is a location change only; the functionality remains the same. While the image below reflects the new menu structure, some of the images of the UCX Web-based Configuration Utility contained within this documentation may not yet be updated to reflect this change.

The Remote SMTP Delivery page allows you to enable email services using a remote SMTP server when port 25 is blocked.

To configure the Remote SMTP server on your UCX system, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the UCX Web-based Configuration Utility
  2. From the System tab, select System Tools
  3. From the Left Menu select Remote SMTP
  4. Update the fields as required
  5. Press the Save button to save the configuration changes

The fields required for the connection are:

Field Description
Status Select ON/OFF to enable/disable connection to the SMTP server
SMTP Server Select the type of email server to use: Other, Aol, Gmail, Office365, Yahoo,
Domain Domain or Host name of the SMTP server
Port Port to establish connection with the SMTP Server
User User name of email account on the SMTP server
Password Password of the email account on the SMTP server (if this account uses two-step authentication, you may need to request an App Password from your provider)
TLS Enabled

Check to enable authentication of certificates for Transport Layer Security.
Some SMTP servers like GMAIL require this certificate.


When entering the Domain name, if the name is entered within brackets [ ], MX lookup is turned OFF. For some domains, it could be important to turn OFF MX lookup to make this SMTP feature work (i.e. the brackets are required for proper functionality).
If you have issues using a Gmail account, please see this product notice: Email Relay Using Gmail Account Fails Due to Bad Credentials