Global BLF key label change

Feature Description

This is a CLI command to update BLF keys for all extensions or for specific extensions.

When you execute the command, the system will find the auto-dial and BLF keys and re-label them to the first 9 characters of the current name of the extension corresponding to the digits. Only labels are updated - no other changes are done. The CLI window will print a line for every such key and shows the new label assigned to the key (the first 9 characters of the extension's name).


  1. Start your SSH client software to connect to the UCX Server (e.g. PuTTY).
  2. Login using your admin account.
  3. To see the help page for this command, enter: ucx_blf_labels
    [admin@localhost ~]$ ucx_blf_labels
    The ucx_blf_labels script updates labels of BLF keys on Nortel phones to
    the first 9 characters of the corresponding extension's name. Run this
    script to update labels after one or more extension names were modified.
    Usage: ucx_blf_labels [all] OR [list of modified extensions]
    E.g.: ucx_blf_labels all
    ucx_blf_labels 221 222 240
  4. To reset BLF labels for all extensions, enter the command followed by the parameter "all". For example:
    ucx_blf_labels all
  5. To reset BLF labels for specific extensions, enter the command followed by the extension numbers separated by a space. For example:
    ucx_blf_labels 222 333 444
It is recommended that you perform a BACKUP of the system prior to executing this tool. This will allow you to revert the changes (in case you need to) by performing a RESTORE.
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