Group Pickup

Feature Description

The Group Pickup feature applies to XSTIM phones and SIP phones. It allows the definition of Call Groups and Pickup Groups. The Pickup Group defines which Call Groups the extension can answer. If the defined Pickup Group number for an extension matches the Call Group number of a ringing extension, that extension can use the Group Pickup feature to answer the call.


For XSTIM extensions, the Call Group and Pickup Group(s) are configured under Device Options in the XSTIM Properties page of the extension:

For SIP extensions, the callgroup and pickupgroup are configured under Device Options in the Extensions page:

  • Call Groups IDs and Pickup Groups IDs can range from 0 to 63
  • Extensions can belong to multiple Pickup Groups
  • Extensions can belong to only one Call Group
  • An extension in a Pickup Group does not have to be a member of a Call Group



There are 3 ways for an extension to initiate a Group Pickup:

  1. For SIP phones, use the Asterisk General Call Pickup feature code configured in the Feature Codes page, the default value is *8
  2. For XSTIM phones, if the phone has a Feature key, press the Feature key followed by the digits 75
  3. For XSTIM phones with programmable keys, define a Group Pickup key





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