Installation and Setup

InfinityOne - Installation & Configuration Checklist

Overview and checklist for InfinityOne installation and configuration.

InfinityOne - Prerequisites

Identifies the key steps that must be performed prior to doing any configuration of InfinityOne Release 2 software.

InfinityOne - Configuring UCX for InfinityOne

Identifies the configuration steps that must be performed on the UCX Server for the InfinityOne application.

InfinityOne - Install the InfinityOne Package on UCX

The InfinityOne application requires the installation of the InfinityOne package.

InfinityOne - Run the Installation Wizard

First time visiting the site in your browser, you will be taken to the installation wizard.

InfinityOne - First time login

Login using the administrator account that was created via the installation wizard. 

InfinityOne - Changing Network Parameters

You will occassionally require changes to the InfinityOne network parameters

InfinityOne - Softphone Configuration

Steps to set up the InfinityOne Softphone.

InfinityOne - Phone Presence and Click to Call

InfinityOne integrates with the UCX call server to allow users to see when someone is on the phone. Additionally, calling another user is as simple as clicking on their phone presence icon and selecting the call option.

InfinityOne - SSL Certificate Bypass

InfinityOne can be configured to temporarily not verify the SSL certificate credentials when a mobile client connects to the system. This can help the system administrator evaluate the mobile client user interface capabilities first before purchasing and installing SSL certificate on the server.

InfinityOne - Emergency Dialing with InfinityOne Phones

InfinityOne clients (mobile phones, tablets, laptops or PCs) will not necessarily be co-located with any of the building facilities associated with the UCX PSTN trunks (physical or SIP), requiring special consideration when configuring for E911 Notification (or other emergency numbers).