General Administration

InfinityOne - System Information

Describes the administration pages that monitors the infinityOne system.

InfinityOne - Message Replacement Patterns

Describes the most useful message replacement patterns that you can configure for your InfinityOne application.

InfinityOne - Adding Users

There are three methods to add users.

InfinityOne - Removing Users

There are two methods to remove users.

InfinityOne - Unlocking Users

InfinityOne has a Maximum Login Attempt lockout feature to aid in security of the user information. This page describes how to unlock the account.

InfinityOne - Roles and Permissions

You can create new roles or change permissions to the various roles.

InfinityOne - Backup and Restore

InfinityOne has its own secure Backup and Restore module.

InfinityOne - Wiki Pages

The Wiki Pages feature allows users to create and share static pages.

InfinityOne - Wallboard Application

The InfinityOne Wallboard application is designed to give a summary of the call centre operation in real time.

InfinityOne - Queue Reports

The InfinityOne Queue Reports application publishes on-going reports on the call center operation, filtered by queue(s), agent(s) and date/time periods.

InfinityOne - Retention Policy and Message Cleanup

InfinityOne Retention Policy provides a mechanism for automatically or manually managing the amount of disk space used for storing files uploaded in Direct and Group Messages

InfinityOne - Video Conference

How to enable video conference on your InfinityOne server

InfinityOne - Configuring Salesforce Integration

The InfinityOne Salesforce Integration allows direct use of E-MetroTel's InfinityOne telephony interface for customer engagement within the Salesforce environment.