UCX 7.0 and InfinityOne 4.0 General Availability

E-MetroTel is pleased to announce the General Availability of UCX Release 7.0 software combined with InfinityOne Release 4.0. This General Availability applies immediately to all new Galaxy appliances and UCX-Cloud systems with the exception of the configurations noted below. Upgrades of Galaxy appliances running UCX 6.0 are easily accomplished via our USB-based UCX Imager Tool which requires very little downtime to complete the update. The UCX Imager Tool can be ordered from the Partner Portal (SBUSBN-V7, UCX Imager Tool). We will provide further notice when upgrade processes for UCX-Cloud systems are available.

E-MetroTel recommends updating to UCX Release 7.0 software which will allow systems to automatically receive the InfinityOne Release 4.0 GA version. These two releases bring significant value and enhancements to the E-MetroTel portfolio as described below. E-MetroTel also recommends updating your InfinityOne mobile clients to the latest releases available on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

InfinityOne Release 4.0 Enhancements

Call Center Support Enhancements

Customizable Historical Queue Reports based on 19 pre-defined report types
Scheduled Reports (Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly) or on-demand
Report Distribution via email and InfinityOne

Security Enhancements

QR Code log-in for iOS and Android devices
Control over Auth Token timeouts to reduce re-login requirements

Integration Enhancements

Salesforce Integration to make and receive calls via the UCX directly from within the Salesforce user interface

User Interface Enhancements

Audio Device Selection Auto-detection Enhancements
Improved Support for Emojis across all user interfaces

Support Enhancements

Improved Log File access from UCX command line
Removed STUN server requirement

UCX Release 7.0 Enhancements

Operating System Update

For the UCX Release 7, Oracle Linux 8 (OL8) was selected as the base operating system.  OL8 is a Linux distribution provided by Oracle that is engineered to provide secure, scalable, and reliable solution for mission critical workloads. The end of support for OL8 is currently planned for July 2029.  As such, the operating system can provide a solid base for UCX software releases for an extended period of time.

Telephony Framework Update

For the UCX Release 7, Asterisk 18 was selected as the latest long term support (LTS) version of the Asterisk open source framework. This version provides many security and feature enhancements over the Asterisk 13 used by the previous UCX release. The end of support for Asterisk 18 is November 2025.  As such, this version can be used during the planned lifetime of UCX Release 7 with the option of eventually upgrading to the next LTS release of Asterisk.

Web-based Configuration Utility Enhancements

UCX Release 7 includes several functionality enhancements in a refreshed Web-based Configuration Utility. The release introduces several new pages that allow administrators to perform various maintenance and/or troubleshooting tasks directly from the GUI.
New pages:
  • Addon Packages - greatly simplifies installation of all optional packages. This new GUI page replaces the System - Updates - Packages page and process that was used for this purpose in previous UCX releases.

New tools:

  • Database Repair - repair internal database issues from the GUI interface without requiring E-MetroTel support
  • Analog Trunk Tune-Up - Initiate trunk tune-ups directly from the GUI interface, show detected and connected trunks and date of last tune-up
  • Ping - Verify network connectivity to IP address or domain names directly from the UCX
  • Traceroute - provides a map of how data on the internet travels from between the UCX and another destination
  • View Changelog - see all the system updates that have been performed
New functionality:
  • Allow backups to be uploaded from an administrator's PC (not just USB or FTP)

Feature Enhancements

  • Additional Language support for prompts and softkeys.
  • Added a setting to allow Voice Call to ignore the DND feature

Security Enhancements

In addition to the enhanced security enabled with the move to the Oracle Linux 8 OS:

  • Prevent a administrator from overriding E-MetroTel SSL if attempting to install a self-signed certificate
  • Provided method to update the VPN Client Certificate via software update
  • Updated the pre-defined firewall ports

Support Enhancements

  • Enabled a Factory Reset capability via the UCX Imager Tool

Evergreen Support

Support is provided for the following Panasonic DT-xxx series devices using our XSTIM protocol capabilities.

DT543 DT521 DT546 DT635 DT680
DT321 DT333 DT343 DT346 DTU100
T7731 T7633 DT7630 T7667 T7665

Support for the following Panasonic NT-xxx devices*. These devices currently operate with basic feature set capability as limited by their current MGCP communication mode, but eventually will be XSTIM-enabled to provide the same feature set as other XSTIM-capable phones.
NT551 NT553 NT543 NT680 NT630** NT635**
*     These sets currently support basic functionality as described here: Panasonic MGCP IP Phones
**    These sets will be introduced soon after the Release 7.0 General Availability date
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