Feature Codes

A complete list of the default and configured feature codes for the system is listed on this page. To access this page, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the UCX Web-based Configuration Utility
  2. From the PBX tab, select PBX Configuration
  3. From the left side column, select Feature Codes
  4. Under the Feature Status column, a feature can be Enabled or Disabled
  5. Under the Use Default? column, if the box is checked, a default value will be assigned
  6. To configure your own feature code value, first uncheck the Use Default? box, then you can modify the value
  7. If you made any changes, press the Submit Changes button to apply the change

To view the list of default feature codes by numerical order, go to System Wide Feature Codes page.

The feature codes on this page are grouped by features:


See Blacklist feature page for details on usage.

Call Forward, Call Waiting

See Call Forward for details on usage.


See Conference page for details on usage.

Feature Codes Description
Asterisk General Call Pickup Group Pickup

ChanSpy Direct
ChanSpy Direct Password (R5.0 only)
ChanWihisper Direct

Call Monitoring
Conference Call Cancel Invite
Conference Call Invite
Conference Call Start
Multi-Party Conference
Directed Call Pickup Call Pickup
In-Call Asterisk Attended Transfer
In-Call Asterisk Attended Transfer Abort
In-Call Asterisk Attended Transfer Conference
In-Call Asterisk Attended Transfer Swap Calls
In-Call Asterisk Blind Transfer
Note that In-Call Asterisk Attended Transfer can be activated/de-activated independently of the UCX Attended Transfer feature available to XSTIM extensions using softkeys.
In-Call Asterisk Disconnect Code Disconnect
In-Call Toggle Call Recording Call Recording Options
Simulate Incoming Call Used to simulate an external DID incoming call using a local phone. This needs an incoming route configured with a DID of 7777. Dial 7777 from a set and the call will be presented to the destination specified in the incoming route as an incoming call .
Stamp Log Stamp Log
ZapBarge ZapBarge


Call Flow Control

See Call Flow Control feature page for details on usage.


See Dictation Service feature page for details on usage.


See Do Not Disturb (DND) or Make Set Busy (MSB) for details on usage.

Fax Configuration

See Dial System Fax feature page for details on usage.

Follow Me

See Follow Me feature page for details on usage.

Wake Up Calls

See Wake Up Calls feature page for details on usage.

Info Services
Feature Codes Link to Feature Description
Call Trace Call Trace
Echo Test The echo test is used to give an audible sense of the latency between the set and the UCX. Everything you say will be echoed back.
  1. Dial *43 to start the test
  2. Speak into phone
  3. End test by hanging up or pressing #
Speak Your Exten Number Speak Your Extension
Speaking Clock Speak Time

Misc Applications
Feature Codes Link to Feature Description
Directory Directories
Remote Support Password
Remote Support Toggle
UCX Remote Access

See Misc Applications for details on how to create feature codes to access certain destinations that do not have an extension number associated with it..

Paging and Intercom

See Paging and Intercom feature page for details on usage.

Parking Lot

See Parking Lot feature page for details on usage.

Phonebook Directory

See Phonebook feature page for details on usage.

Feature Codes Link to Feature Description
Queue Callers Setting up UCX for Call Center Supervisors
Queue Member Toggle
Queue Pause Toggle
Setting up UCX for Call Center Agents


See System Recordings feature page for details on usage.

Speed Dial Functions
Feature Code Link to Feature Description
Set user speed dial Speed Dial
Speeddial prefix Speed Dial

Time Conditions

See Time Groups and Conditions feature page for details on usage.

Feature Code Link to Feature Description
Dial Voicemail Voicemail User Guide
Direct Dial Prefix Direct Dial to Voicemail
My Voicemail Voicemail User Guide
Voicemail Escalation (R6.0 and up) Voicemail Escalation

Video Tutorial

Self Assessment Quiz

  1. Do you know how the In-Call Blind Transfer code is used?
  2. Do you know how the Remote Support Toggle is used?
  3. Do you know how the Voicemail Direct Dial Prefix is used?
  4. Do you know when you will need to use Misc Applications to create a feature code?