UCx Desktop Applications

UCx Wallboard

The UCX Wallboard application gives Call Center personnel the ability to instantly assess the call center operational performance at any given time. This optional application displays key performance indicators and statistics from the call operation among Agents belonging to a certain queue. Supervisors can more easily identify operational issues, address agent training needs and improve customer experience. For more information see UCx Wallboard Application.

UCx TAPI Service Provider

E-MetroTel’s UCxTAPI Service Provider software is a Windows PC driver that allows other Windows applications to initiate and terminate calls for a UCx user from their Windows desktop.  Those other applications, such as Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Dialer, communicate with the UCxTAPI Service Provider through the Microsoft Telephony Application Programming Interface (TAPI).  Once the UCxTAPI Service Provider is installed on a Microsoft Windows PC, a user can initiate outbound calls using any TAPI compatible application.  The optional UCx TAPI application also supports receiving inbound calls with basic caller information on incoming calls so that some TAPI aware applications can use this information to do a screen-popup, displaying caller information on the screen. For more information see UCx TAPI Service Provider.