Simplification - Promotion - Automation Bulletin: Updated Nov 13, 2019

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As part of E-MetroTel’s continued commitment to your success, we are announcing several initiatives for simplification and automation delivering faster response to our loyal partners as well as a UCX250 promotion to help you accelerate business for the close of 2019.

Contents of this Bulletin

  • New Price Structure, E-MetroTel and Universal Licensing
  • UCX250 Promotion
  • E-MetroTel Licensing Automation
  • E-MetroTel Renewals Automation 


Effective January 1, 2020 there will be a new simplified pricing structure for extensions for all UCX systems.  E-MetroTel Extensions supporting E-MetroTel station side devices will have reduced cost pricing and Universal Extensions will be for all other station side devices.


Coincident with this bulletin, E-MetroTel is launching a promotional extension bundle for UCX250 to increase competitiveness in the market and assist you to drive business through the close of 2019.  See details below.


License automation has been in place since the introduction of Galaxy Mini.  Emailing the Host ID / Asset number to [email protected] to obtain the system license was replaced with process automatically loading the license to the Galaxy Mini.  UCX250 and DSM16 now use the same automated process and soon other products from E-MetroTel will follow.  In this fashion, resellers are empowered to license the system at a time convenient for them and without waiting for E-MetroTel to respond to email, reducing time required for system provisioning.
Development is underway for streamlining renewals for UCX and Galaxy Mini systems.  Soon you will receive automated emails from E-MetroTel with your quotations for renewing systems approaching expiry.  You will have the option to accept or decline the quote – all or part of it (example accept software support renewal but decline hardware warranty extension).  No further requirement to create a quote in the online quote tool or wait for processing by E-MetroTel team members. 

Simplified Pricing Structure – effective January 1, 2020

A new lower cost extension license type is being introduced (E-MetroTel License) and the current extension license blocks will be discontinued. Starting January 1, 2020, extensions will be ordered as multiples of either type (E-MetroTel or Universal).  All extension blocks currently in stock will be classified Universal Licenses.  The eight (8) extensions included with each UCX system (appliance and software instance) are also classified Universal Licenses.

License Type Station Device Order Code Code Description
E-MetroTel Infinity 5000 Xstim
DSM16 (legacy Nortel digital phone)
Supported by Galaxy Mini FXS module
EMT Extension. Qty 1
All E-MetroTel License Station Devices
SIP devices
Nortel IP phone
Analog device supported by ATA or External Gateway
Universal Extension. Qty 1

The following product codes will be discontinued and no longer be orderable effective January 1, 2020.  

Product Code Product Description
SXUCCN-ENT UCC Enterprise Expansion Block, 9 to 25 extensions
SXUCCN-5 UCC Expansion Block of 5 extensions
SXUCCN-20 UCC Expansion Block of 20 extensions
SXUCCN-50 UCC Expansion Block of 50 extensions

UCX250 Promotion – effective November 4, 2019

Today all UCX250 systems come with 8 Universal extensions.

For UCX250 PO’s received on or before December 20, 2019 an E-MetroTel bundle of 24 extensions can be also be purchased.  E-MetroTel bundle of 24 extensions can be assigned only to New UCX250 systems and only once per UCX250 for a total of 32 extensions.

Product Code Product Description
SXEMTN-24​ EMT Extension block. Qty 24 (UCX250 Only)

Additional E-MetroTel and Universal extensions can be purchased via the Simplified Pricing Structure noted above.

The E-MetroTel 24 extension bundle and additional extensions are purchased through the E-MetroTel Serial Management tool which can be found in your E-MetroTel Partner Portal available soon.  Any opportunities prior to automation can be priced and processed through your E-MetroTel prime.

E-MetroTel License Automation

Automated loading of licenses is in place now for Galaxy Mini, DSM16 and UCX250. 

The process replaces the email to  [email protected]   including the main UCX Host ID / Asset number and associated assets applicable to the requested license.

The automation follows this process:

  1. Perform a software update on the appliance.
  2. Go to the License Page and select System Activation on the left menu.
  3. Complete all requested information on the form.
  4. Click “Activate” and the license will be loaded to the appliance.

Warranty and Software Support start date is effective the date of license generation in alignment with industry standards.

Detailed processes can be found at the following links including post activation additions of extensions and/or applications:

Galaxy Mini: Galaxy Mini - Activating and Licensing
UCX250: System Activation
DSM16: DSM16 - Licenses


E-MetroTel System Renewal Automation

A new automated process for quoting and activating renewals will be introduced before the end of 2019.

Resellers will define the email address to receive Renewal quotes.

Once per week a renewal notice will be sent to the defined email address for all upcoming systems with Assurance Service expiries and will include:

  • Customer name, system type, asset number and other associated assets
  • Quote for renewal of software support
  • Quote for hardware warranty extension if the option is available based on installation date
  • Reseller will be presented with the option to accept or reject any parts of the quote as offered
  • E-MetroTel will automatically update the Serial Number of the system which can be reviewed through the Reseller access through their Partner Portal.
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