License Details

The License Details page allows you to view information about the license installed on your Video Server.

To use your Video Server it must be properly licensed. The Video Server uses an automated process to retrieve and activate licenses via the E-MetroTel Serial Number Management system. This automated process is described in License Retrieval.

You are no longer required to obtain a license from E-MetroTel for your product via an email request to [email protected] and then manually copy and paste the license string into the Video Server via the Web-based Configuration Manager. This process is now handled through E-MetroTel's Serial Management Tool system. However, if you do not have access to the Serial Management Tool, send an email to [email protected] with your reseller credentials to ensure an account is created.

To verify the installed license, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the Web-based Configuration Utility
  2. From the System tab, select Licenses
  3. From the left side column, select License Details

Your system is properly licensed if you see a page similar to the one below.


Your system is not licensed if you see a warning indicating that there is an Invalid License.

In either case, you will note that the system's Serial Number is listed in the License Details page below the Host ID and the Asset Number.  If your system is not licensed, proceed to License Retrieval section and follow the steps.

E-MetroTel always recommends updating the system software using the procedures outlined in the Software Update documentation prior to beginning the system activation process.
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