If previously enabled, the CDR page allows you to quickly determine information about calls made to or from analog interfaces on the card since the last card restart.

CDR Control

  • Enable CDR: Set to No (default) to not record any local CDR info. Set to Yes to begin tracking local CDR. (This does not impact the CDR records managed by the UCX software.)
  • Call Status: Set to the call state value you wish to filter before writing to the CDR database. Default is Answer, options include All, No Answer, Failure, Busy, Congestion, Unknown. 
  • Save Quantity: The number of records that match the Call Status you wish to save in the local CDR database.
Note: Local CDR will only be saved in memory and will be cleared by a system restart.

CDR Query

Allows you to filter the saved database to find records matching the physical Port, Caller, or Callee entered. You can also set the maximum Quantity of items to be returned by the query.

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