InfinityOne - What's New in Release 2.0

The following is an overview of the many new and enhanced capabilities delivered in InfinityOne Release 2.0.

Mobile App support

  • InfinityOne Mobile Client for iOS devices
    • The most significant new feature in 2.0 is the introduction of an InfinityOne Mobile Client for iOS devices. Download the InfinityOne app to your iPhone, iPad or iPod, running iOS Release 11 or later. The InfinityOne Mobile Client app gives you access to all the InfinityOne chat that your desktop client offers, and a softphone that uses the InfinityOne interface, and also integrates with the native iOS softphone features. 
    • A user may be signed multiple mobile devices at the same time to allow for both phone and tablet (iPad) or even iPod users to always have mobile access.

Installer Enhancements

  • Configurable port number - if you use a non-default port number for your XStim clients, you can now configure the InfinityOne clients to use the same port number.
  • Configurable system URL - you can define the URL used for your InfinityOne system
  • Check for required available memory - the InfinityOne installer will alert you if you do not have sufficient memory resources available to properly operate
  • Remove the legacy MSCS package during install - you no longer have to manually remove the MSCS package previously used for WebRTC implementation
  • Automatic restart of InfinityOne server after installation wizard completion

Security Enhancements

  • SSL based Security
    • The InfinityOne Mobile app has been designed to meet the security requirements mandated by the Apple developer program. Normal operation requires the installation of a commercially signed SSL certificate, which provides increased security for iOS clients by creating an encrypted, private, and trusted connection between the InfinityOne mobile clients and the server. It is possible to temporarily bypass the SSL verification during the initial installation; however this configuration is not recommended for normal operation as it reduces the level of security of your communications

Telephony and Presence Enhancements

  • Multiple Extensions per User
    • InfinityOne will track and share consolidated presence information for users with multiple extensions, even across multiple systems
    • InfinityOne will provide a drop-down selection for both Origination and Destination target extensions for Click-to Dial if multiple extensions are configured ​
  • Extension (presence and click-to-dial) automatically added when a user configures or hotdesks a different extension
  • Click-to-Dial permissions check - validates that the user has appropriate permissions on the UCx before allowing the dial string to be processed

Messaging and Channel Enhancements

  • N-Way Channel Enhancements 
    • mentioning a new user in an existing N-Way channel will create an entirely new channel while leaving the existing one as-is.
    • N-Way room names are no longer restricted to 40 characters
    • Only a single N-Way channel will exist for the same set of users (previously multiple channels with the same users could exist). Release 1 systems will automatically migrate to this single room concept.
    • Making an N-Way channel public converts the room to public and renames it
  • Privacy enhancements
  • Cancel confirmation - system will confirm that you wish to cancel sending a message when you hit Escape while in edit mode
  • Message drafts - chat service now saves draft messages when switching between rooms. The drafts are saved per user, per room, so you can be typing in mid-sentence on several channels at once and not lose content
  • E-Mail Notifications

System Message Localization

  • System message localization has been introduced - including full French localization with experimental Spanish localization

Application Protocol Interface (APIs)

  • New APIs are added - APIs include 3rd-Party APIs, REST API, Real-time API, support CORS for the REST API

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Administrator can now view Direct Messages of other users - Configurable setting to allow Admin to view other Users’ DM messages for compliance and security considerations
  • New scheduling service - can be used to schedule webhook out integrations.
  • New account confirmation disable - it is no longer required for users to confirm their account after it is created by the administrator
  • Enhancements to Delete and Deactivate users - ensure that access to existing and new messages is immediately effictive.

Permissions Enhancements

  • New Permissions Settings
    • New permissions are introduced to allow use of a read-only channel, meant for publishing information without allowing for discussion. Permissions to set-readonly and post-readonly are created.
    • A new permission is introduced for customers with the need to audit internal communications. A role can be given the view-d-room permission to be able to preview but not join a DM channel belonging to other users. The permission is denied to all roles by default.
    • A new permission is provided to view-users. The permission is granted by default to the Admin, User and Bot roles.

Management Enhancements

  • Change host name, IP Address, and port numbers - this can be done after initial installation in the Administration/General settings
  • Audit enhancements - including enabling/disabling audits, and enabling/disabling additional log details
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