Galaxy Expand - Common Configuration

Galaxy Expand Common Configuration
(applicable to all deployment scenarios)

The Galaxy Expand platform has no specific network or chassis configuration user interface. Instead, the platform is a specialized platform that provides power to the cards, and both ethernet and USB connections between all the cards through the chassis backplane. The cards themselves are configured through the normal process for UCX software functionality. But, with the presence of both ethernet and USB interfaces in the backplane, there are several network connectivity options for consideration as you deploy the Galaxy Expand across your network.

Switch Fabric Card: Common to all Configurations

The Switch Fabric Card is a mandatory card in all configurations.  It is only able to be installed in the slot labeled SFS (Switch Fabric Slot) in the chassis (refer to Galaxy Expand - Platform Hardware for a diagram of the chassis slots). There is no user configuration for this card; it is essentially a combination of an unmanaged ethernet switch and USB hub that:

  • Extends the Ethernet and USB interfaces to the front panel connectors to allow interconnection between multiple chassis.
  • Provides LED indication of card activity and communication type (Ethernet or DADHI)

Dual Power Supplies

Each Galaxy Expand chassis is equipped with two independent power supply modules, each with their own power cord. E-MetroTel recommends that each power cord be plugged into 120 VAC supplies running on different circuits to provide the highest degree of protection against minor power interruptions.

Optional Chassis

Multiple Galaxy Expand chassis can be configured at a single location to support all the telephony interfaces required for a particular customer deployment. Expansion is accomplished by interconnecting either the Ethernet ports or the USB ports, or both from the Switch Fabric Card on the main Galaxy Expand chassis to their corresponding ports on the extension chassis.
To extend the Galaxy Expand system to multiple chassis then connect either the Eth1 or Eth2 interface on the Switch Fabric card on one chassis to the Eth2 or Eth1 interface on the second chassis. This extends the ethernet network used on the chassis backplane from one chassis to the next using a standard Cat5 (or better) ethernet cable.

Configurations Supported in the Galaxy Expand Reference Architecture

  1. Galaxy Expand - Standalone UCX Server Deployment
  2. Galaxy Expand - Local Gateway (as an Expansion Chassis)
  3. Galaxy Expand - High Availability UCX Server Deployment
  4. Galaxy Expand - Survivable Remote Gateway
  5. Galaxy Expand - Remote Gateway
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