Extension Provisioning Services

Extension Provisioning Services

This document describes E-MetroTel Extension Provisioning Services.

Step 1: Questionnaire shared with Customer

E-MetroTel maintains a standard Programming Data Questionnaire to solicit feedback on common configuration details such as specific extension numbers desired, types of phones, voicemail passwords and settings, telephony features, DID assignments. and the programmable key layout for those extensions. The questionnaire also requests information regarding the customer IVR and Auto Attendant call flows, inbound, outbound, and extension calling patterns, call recording requirements, as well as  call center needs (agents, queues, etc.)
This Programming Data Questionnaire is shared with the customer primary contact in order that the Customer can plan and prepare the information based on their own customized needs prior to the First Review.

Step 2: First Review with Customer

Once the Customer has received the Programming Data Questionnaire, E-MetroTel will review the input directly with the customer via conference call in order to make sure all necessary information has been completed and help answer any questions that may have arisen during the Customer internal information gathering process

Step 3: E-MetroTel Internal Review

After the first review of the Programming Data Questionnaire directly with the Customer, E-MetroTel will pass the information to our internal customer engineering support team for a technical assessment of the completeness of data and an assessment of the feasibility of the requested call flows.

If additional information is required this will be requested from the Customer in order to ensure that all calling scenarios can be configured as requested.

Step 4: Second Review with Customer

Once the E-MetroTel customer engineering team has completed their review and are satisfied that sufficient data has been collected to ensure the desired configuration can be completed, E-MetroTel will conduct a second review with the Customer. This review will be to share the planned configuration details that enable the customer call flows to be implemented. If the Customer is in agreement, the plan will be deemed Ready for Configuration by both the customer and E-MetroTel. If there are any discrepancies between the data that was collected and feedback from the second review the changes will be noted and the planned configuration details will possibly require further review before it is deemed ready.

Step 5: Customer Configuration Plans

At the completion of the second review, or when the plan is deemed Ready for Configuration,  a mutually agreed upon schedule will be defined that will enable the E-MetroTel customer engineering team to begin the process of configuring the customer equipment. The configuration process will use the most expedient method(s) to facilitate the process including, but not limited to, E-MetroTel Lab facilities, cloud configuration, and/or customer facilities.

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