The Directories page allows you to manage your company's "dial-by-name" directory:

  • Add/Remove anyone/anything from the list
  • Include users from other systems (by setting a custom user)
  • Have multiple directories
  • Have multiple entries (for different spelling/tags)
  • Include all users or just some
Note that the directory automatically created by the system as you build extensions is never modified through the directory management described below. It is always accessible to users by dialing *411 (unless disabled under PBX / PBX Configuration / Feature Codes). If you change the Name or Dial entry your users will need to dial the Feature Code configured for the desired directory under PBX / PBX Configuration / Misc Application as described below.

Managing Directories

To access the Directories page, perform the following steps:

  • Open the UCX Web-based Configuration Utility
  • From the PBX tab, select PBX Configuration
  • From the left side column, under Applications, select Directories
  • This initial page displayed allows you to select the Default Directory from the pull-down list 
  • The selected default directory will appear in bold on the right hand column where all the directories are listed. 

Migrated Directory from Release 3.0

If your system has been upgraded from Release 3.0 to 4.0, then a Migrated Directory will be automatically created and set as the default.

A Misc Application named Default Directory will also be automatically created with the feature code "#". With this application, users can use feature code # to access the directory in the same manner as in Release 3.0.

If the upgrade process did not automatically create the Misc Application for #, you will need to create the directory and Misc Application for # as described above. See Misc Applications for details.


Add a New Directory

  • Click on the Add a new Directory button to create a new directory
  • Enter the appropriate values in the Directory Name and Directory Description fields

  • To add names to the directory, click on the green "+" button under Directory Entries


  • A drop-down list will appear to select your entries
  • From the drop-down list, you can select All Users or a single entry

Add Entries

All Users

  • Selecting All Users will populate the list with all existing extensions on the system

  • You can then choose to remove any entry from the list

Custom User

  • Selecting Custom allows you to enter any string in the Name field and any dialable digits in the Dial field
  • You can then select the Name Announcement type to be used:

    Name Announcement Type


    Voicemail Greeting Use the greeting recorded in the extension's voicemail
    Text to Speech Convert the text entry in the Name field to speech
    Spell Name Spell the text entry in the Name field

Accessing Directory

The directories can be accessed from any application that requires a destination. For example: IVR, Ring Groups, Incoming Route, etc.

Under the Destination field, select Directory from the first pull-down list, then select the desired directory from the second pull-down list.


Note that Directory is different from Phonebook Directory.