Using Desktop Infinity Phones

In addition to the InfinityOne desktop, browser based, and Mobile clients, the InfinityOne Work at Home solution works seamlessly with E-MetroTel's XStim IP-based desktop phones. The InfinityOne Work at Home solution will monitor and send presence information for these phones and will allow click to dial to be initiated from the other collaboration interfaces while actually dialing out through the physical phone.

The Infinity 5000 series phones can easily be re-configured to connect to a cloud based InfinityOne Work at Home solution from people's homes.

E-MetroTel IP Phones

For instructions on how to connect the Infinity 5000 series phones, specifically the E-MetroTel Infinity 5000 Series: 5006, 5010, and 5046 expansion models, refer to the documentation here: E-MetroTel Infinity phone

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