Asterisk API

Asterisk API (aka Asterisk Manager API) is the Application Program Interface for/to the Asterisk Manager and allows for external systems to connect via TCP/IP to issue commands and read events. Common examples of usage include Dialers, CRM, Management Console and so on. See Asterisk Manager Interface (AMI) for more details.

To add a Manager account, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the UCx Web-based Configuration Utility
  2. From the PBX tab, select PBX Configuration
  3. From the left side column, under Applications, select Asterisk API

Field Description
Manager name Name of the Manager account. No spaces are allowed.
Manager secret Password for the Manager
Deny Here you define an IP Address/Subnet Mask Deny statement. If you wish to add more than one network, use the “&” character as a separator, for example:
Permit Here you define an IP Address/Subnet Mask Permit statement. You may define more than one network or device as with the Deny statement.
Rights You may assign various read/write permissions to each Manager. 
Read authorization permits you to receive asynchronous events, in general.
Write authorization permits you to send commands and get back responses.

Rights Description
system General information about the system and ability to run system management commands, such as Shutdown, Restart, and Reload.
call Information about channels and ability to set information in a running channel.
log Logging information. Read-only.
verbose Verbose information. Read-only.
command Permission to run CLI commands. Write-only.
agent Information about queues and agents and ability to add queue members to a queue.
user Permission to send and receive UserEvent.
config Ability to read and write configuration files.
dtmf Receive DTMF events. Read-only.
reporting Ability to get information about the system.
cdr Output of cdr_manager, if loaded. Read-only.
dialplan Receive NewExten and VarSet events. Read-only.
originate Permission to originate new calls. Write-only.
agi AGI events (New in R6.0)
cc Call Completion events (New in R6.0)
aoc Advice Of Charge events (New in R6.0)
security Security messages as AMI events (New in R6.0)
message Permission to send out of call messages. Write-only. 
ALL Check box to enable/disable permission for all rights listed.