Web-based GUI Security Enhancements

Notice - October 20, 2021

Most people are aware of global security threats to networks and electronic devices. At E-MetroTel, we consider the security of our solutions to be of the highest priority.

During the previous two weeks E-MetroTel has released several important security updates that enhance the level of security of the UCX Web Based Configuration Utility and User Portal interfaces. If you haven't done so already, E-MetroTel strongly recommends that you update your UCX systems to the latest software that includes these security enhancements.

Due to the constant stream of new security threats, customer systems exposed to the Internet that are not updated regularly are at high risk!

To limit the potential security threats, you should keep your UCX customer systems on a regular and frequent update schedule. You can take an advantage of the Automatic Software Updates feature that is built in to the UCX software to minimize the required effort. Automatic updates ensure that UCX systems are kept current from a security perspective and will receive other important updates as well.

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