InfinityOne Release 2.x End-of-Life

As part of our preparation to introducing the UCX 7.0 software release and its companion InfinityOne 4.0 software component, E-MetroTel is announcing that as of April 30th, 2022 the InfinityOne Release 2.x software versions will be moved to End-of-Life status. 

After that date, updates from systems running InfinityOne 2.x will not be supported. All InfinityOne systems must be updated to InfinityOne 3.2.x prior to the End-of-Life date in order to ensure that all existing InfinityOne customer data is able to be migrated to the 3.2.x database structures prior to upgrading to the InfinityOne 4.0 release.

The update from InfinityOne 2.x software to 3.2.x software follows the standard E-MetroTel Software Update process. Once you have checked for updates on the UCX, you will need to follow the instructions in the section titled "Update the InfinityOne package in the UCX" in the  document: InfinityOne - Install the infinity_one Package on UCX.

If you have not installed InfinityOne Release 2.x on your UCX system there is no need to take any action. InfinityOne Release 3 or Release 4 can be installed at any time while running UCX 6.0 software or UCX 7.0 software, respectively. A final update of UCX 6.0 software will be required prior to migrating a system to UCX 7.0.

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