Digital Station Module (DSM16) Availability

Notice - March 18, 2019

E-MetroTel announces the UCx Digital Station Module (DSM16) is available for ordering beginning March 18, 2019.

The DSM16 is E-MetroTel's newest device for connecting Nortel/Avaya digital phones to the UCx server portfolio.  The DSM16 can support a total of 16 digtal telephones, with any mix of Nortel/Avaya M-series and T-series telephones from the Norstar, BCM, and IP Office systems.

The current release of the UCx Digital Station Module software supports the following Nortel/Avaya digital phones and devices:

  • M7100
  • M7324
  • M7208
  • CAP (Central Answering Position)
  • M7310

  • T7100
  • T7316E
  • T24 KIM (Key Indicator Module)
  • T7208
  • T7406
  • T7316
  • T7406E
  • Norstar Audio Conferencing Unit
  • ATA2

One or more DSM16 devices can be colocated with the UCx system or deployed at remote sites, supporting up to the maximum number of licensed extensions of the UCx server.​


The DSM16 product code is ready for ordering from stiocking distributors:

Product Code
E-MetroTel Digital Station Module for 16 digital extensions


Documentation for configuring and supporting the DSM16 in a UCx network can be found here: DSM16 Overview


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