VoiceMail Blasting

The VoiceMail Blasting page is used to create a group of voicemail users and assign them a number that can be dialed to leave a message for all voicemail users in the group.

To add a VoiceMail Blasting group, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the UCX Web-based Configuration Utility
  2. From the PBX tab, select PBX Configuration
  3. From the left side column, under Applications, select VoiceMail Blasting
  4. At a minimum, you have to enter the Group Description and select the desired voicemail users from the Voicemail Box List.
  5. Press the Submit Changes button

Field Description
VMBlast Number Enter the number that users will dial to access the VMBlast Group. This number must not conflict with an existing extension number. The system will generate a default number.
Group Description Provide a descriptive name for the VMBlast group, this field is mandatory.
Audio Label Select the message to be played to the caller so they can confirm that they have called the proper VMBlast Group number. You can choose from the following:
  • Read Group Number.  This is the default to have the system read the VMBlast Group number.
  • Beep Only - No Confirmation. Caller will only hear a beep.
  • Messages that you have created in the System Recordings page.
Optional Password Specify a numerical password to authenticate before providing access to this VMBlast group.
Voicemail Box List All configured voicemail boxes will be listed in this box. Select the desired voicemail boxes to add to this group. Click and drag to select multiple sequential boxes or use the “CTRL” key to select multiple non-sequential boxes.
Default VMBlast Group Each UCX system can have a single Default Voicemail Blast Group. If specified, extensions can be automatically added (or removed) from this default group in the Extensions page. Making a group the default will uncheck the option from the current default group if it was previously specified.
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