IP Block List

The IP Block List page allows you to view information about sites that have been temporarily banned from accessing the UCX based on surpassing the threshold criteria set for your system in Monitored Services

The IP Block List page includes the following details :

  • IP Address: The IP address from which repeated attempts were made to connect to the UCx system with incorrect / invalid credentials.
  • Location: The UCX attempts to identify the region where the connection attempts have originated from using geo-location techniques. If no region can be identified the field will be blank.
  • Service: Identifies which of the Monitored Services was associated with the invalid connection attempts.
  • Start Time: Shows the local UCX time at which the threshold criteria was exceeded and the IP address was placed on the IP Block List.
  • End Time:Shows the time at which the IP Address will be removed from the IP Block List


The actions that can be performed on this page are as follows:


Click the Update button to refresh the list. The UCX software will remove addresses that had been previously banned but the ban has now expired and add any newly blocked addresses to the list.


You may remove one or more items from the current list of blocked addresses by selecting them in the left hand check-box and then clicking the Delete button. You will be asked to confirm this action.

Once an IP Address has been removed from the list, all records associated with that address and service are removed. Subsequent attempts to connect via that address will be tracked and the address will be added to the IP Block List if the threshold criteria have once again been surpassed. If you actually wish to prevent an IP Address from being placed on the IP Block List, you can add the IP address to the Do Not Block associated with that service on the Monitored Services page.


You may filter the list to display records associated with a particular IP Address, Location, or Service using the Show Filter button, entering the search criteria, and clicking Apply.