InfinityOne - Known Issues

Known Issues identified in Release 3.0

The following are issues that have been identified in Release 3.0:

  1. The url used for initial login on an iOS device must match the Site URL Host Name settings in the InfinityOne Administration / General / Network settings including the use of upper and lower case characters otherwise push notifications will fail. Recommended practice is to always use lower case characters.
  2. Logging out of an Android device by selecting "Logout from servername" in the Settings then reconnecting the same device to the same server will result in no speech path for all subsequent calls for that client until the InfinityOne server is restarted. If Android users wish to avoid receiving calls during off-hours, the could activate the Make Set Busy / Do Not Disturb feature by pressing the DND softkey, a regular key programmed for Make Set Busy, the Feature Key followed by 8 5, or by dialing * 7 8

Known Issues identified in Release 2.0

The following are issues that have been identified in Release 2.0:

  1. The Android client (when released) will require the Android 9 operating system in order to receive notifications when the app is not open and/or the screen is locked. Android 9 introduced the required messaging as part of the Notification Toolkit. Earlier versions of the Android operating system may allow the InfinityOne app to run, but the app will required to be open and active to receive notifications.

Addressing Known Issues from Release 1.0

Release 1 of InfinityOne documented the following as "known issues".  Please refer to the Status entry after each "known issue" to understand how it is addressed.

  • A user may only be logged in one device. Logging in on a second device will log out the other device.

    For the Desktop application and web browsers, this is the expected behavior (a user typically only has one primary computing device).  The InfinityOne Mobile application allows a user to be logged in on both the mobile app and a desktop or web browser interface, as it is common to have both a mobile device and a primary computing device.

  • Some limited actions can cause the page to reload which will drop any active calls.

    For this reason it is highly recommended to use the desktop InfinityOne application when you want to use the integrated softphone functionality for anything other than occasional calling.

  • Only Google Chrome and Chrome Canary browsers are supported.

    E-MetroTel introduced the InfinityOne Desktop application as an alternative solution to trying to maintain compatibility with the continual stream of software updates to the significant number of browsers available on the three primary computing platforms.  The InfinityOne Desktop application is supported in Windows, Mac OS X and Linux environments.

  • The InfinityOne Softphone is not yet supported on mobile devices, but the chat part of the app should work reasonably.

    As of Release 2 the InfinityOne mobile phone app is now available for mobile device users.

  • Video calls are not yet supported. Do NOT enable the feature in Administration -> WebRTC

    Video calls are not yet implemented, and you cannot enable the functionality in Administration.

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