UCX Administration
PSTN Cards – Add-on Cards

The PSTN Cards page allows you to configure add-on cards installed in your UCX system. The Settings section located at the top right hand corner provides access to system wide settings. The UCX system will automatically detect the type of card installed and provide an edit capability to configure each span on the card.

If an add-on card is installed without the license, the installed card will still be detected and displayed on the page. Under the Action column, click on the License link to bring up the Enter License page.

After entering the required license, you will need to reboot the UCX server.

See the links below for configuration of the different card types and also the system wide settings.

Once you have completed the PSTN Card configuration, you will need to configure extensions (for FXS ports) by Adding a DAHDI Extension, or trunks (for FXO ports or PRI cards) Configure Analog Trunks.


PSTN add-on cards is a licensed feature. Please contact your E-MetroTel representative for ordering and pricing.

The license requirement does not apply to Galaxy Mini PSTN Modules (FXO and FXS). However, the process to configure the modules is as described on these pages.