UCX Administration
Fax Clients

Third-party fax client applications (e.g. Winprint Hylafax) is supported ONLY in the same network as the UCX server. NAT traversal is not supported. Therefore, a fax client application running on a PC located behind NAT will NOT be able to connect to the UCX server.


HylaFax client is not supported on Cloud based UCX systems.

You can use a third party Fax Client running on a PC to send faxes using the UCX Virtual Fax Server.

Configure Fax Clients on UCX

To configure a list of PCs that are allowed to use the UCX Virtual Fax Server, perform the following steps:

  1. From the Fax tab, select Fax Clients
  2. For each PC that is to be allowed to use the UCX Virtual Fax Server, enter its IP address (on a separate line)
  3. Press the Save button


Keep localhost and in the list and add your IP addresses below. Enter one IP address per row.

Third Party Fax Client

On the PC that you want to send fax, you need to install a fax client.

One of the recommended Fax clients for Windows is Winprint HylaFAX Reloaded. You can download the client from this link:

Configuring the Fax client

Here are the steps to configure the Fax client:

  1. Open the Fax Client GUI (e.g. Winprint HylaFAX GUI) and go to the Configuration page
  2. In the server address field (e.g. HylaFAX server address), enter the UCX server IP address
  3. Enter the Username and Password of a user account on the UCX server. You can create a user account on the UCX server just for fax purposes (see Users for details on creating users).
  4. Press the OK button to save

Sending a Fax

After the successful installation of the Fax client, a new device (e.g. HylaFAX) will now appear on your list of printers and faxes.

You can now select the Fax client as one of your print destinations or you can open the Fax client GUI directly.

The Send FAX to page will be displayed. Fill in the FAX numbersNotify E-Mail fields and press the Send button.