Troubleshooting Echo on FXO Trunks on a Galaxy Mini

This document describes how to ensure the basic Dahdi settings for FXO ports on a Galaxy Mini running UCX 7.x are correct and how to optimize the trunk for Echo and Low volumes.

1.0 Confirm Basic Dahdi Settings

1.1 Confirm the FXO cards are installed and that the FXO ports are detected.

The RJ-11 jacks on the front panel of the Galaxy Mini will display RED LEDs for each of the FXO ports that are installed in the system. You can confirm that the UCX software on the Galaxy Mini recognizes each of those ports as follows:


  1. Using the UCX Web-based Configuration Utility, navigate to the System / PSTN Cards page.
  2. Verify that there is an entry in the Installed Cards section containing Span ID, Model, Bus, Driver, Type, and Channel entries. 
  3. Verify that there is an entry with the Type equal to FXO in the Analog Hardware section. The Ports entry should show the total number of FXO ports. Ports that have detect voltage from the PSTN trunk will be displayed in Green while ports with no line voltage will be displayed in RED.

1.2 Confirm the Analog FXO Settings

  1. In the FXO entry, click on Edit. Ensure that all ports list have the correct Signaling​ entry (default is Kewl Start).
  2. Ensure the Context is set to from-analog
  3. If you have made changes, click Save otherwise click Cancel

1.3 Confirm the Driver settings:

  1. Click the Driver Settings and verify the Opermode is set to the correct Country profile (Default = USA). Note there is a specific setting for Canada.
  2. To change, select the desired Country and click the checkbox to the left of the drop-down box.
  3. If you have made changes, click Save otherwise click Cancel

1.4 Confirm the System Settings

  1. Click the System Settings and verify the Tone Region is set to the correct Region profile (Default = United States/North America)
  2. To change, select the desired Region.
  3. If you have made changes, click Save otherwise click Cancel

1.5 Confirm the Global Settings

  1. Click the Global Settings and verify :
    • Enable Echo Canceling is set to 512 taps
    • Enable Echo Training is set to no
    • Receive Gain is set to 0.0
    • Transmit Gain is set to 0.0
  2. If you have made changes, click Save otherwise click Cancel

2.0 Run the Analog Trunk Tune-Up

Before doing any voice quality testing (echo, levels, etc.) you must run the Analog Trunk Tune-Up procedure. Note that beginning in the UCX 7.0 release, this is now accessible through the Web Based Configuration Utility.

3.0 Checking for Echo

You may now begin to test the analog trunks by placing calls from the system that use an Outbound Route that forces the call to go over the Analog trunk(s).


4.0 Next Steps

If you continue to experience echo on the analog FXO trunks after exhausting this series of troubleshooting tests and have ruled out other sources of possible echo as discussed in Troubleshooting Echo issues, you will need to open a ticket with E-MetroTel support for additional investigation.

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