Analog Trunk Tune-Up

This page allows you to tune the analog (FXO) trunk echo canceller.

The echo canceller tuning process selects optimal settings for the line characteristics of each connected analog trunk. Echo canceller tuning should be performed once the UCX system is deployed at a customer site and analog trunks are connected to the system. The tuning must be repeated whenever additional analog trunks are added or current analog trunks are changed by the CO.

The echo canceller tuning process is service impacting! Approximately one minute is required to tune each analog trunk. During this time call processing is disabled. Due to that, E-MetroTel recommends this activity to be performed during a scheduled maintenance period.

Using the Analog Trunk Tune-Up

  1. Navigate to the System / System Tools / Analog Trunk Tune-Up  page
  2. If you have FXO ports installed on the system, you will see the following information:
    • Date of the Previous Tune-Up: The last time the tune-up process was run
    • Processed Ports: which ports were included in the last tune-up
    • Detected FXO Ports: A list of all FXO ports detected by the UCX. Green signifies that it has detected the presence of a valid trunk; Red signifies no trunk has been detected.
    • Number of Connected Trunks
  3.  Click the Start Trunk Tune-Up button to begin.
  4. The UCX will provide progress updates in the lower portion of the page
  5. After it is complete, the next time you revisit the page, you will see the information has been updated based on the last time the tune-up was run.
  6. If you add more ports to the system or connect additional trunks to the existing ports, you will be able to see the discrepancy between what ports were processed previously and what new trunks are detected.
  7. If they do not match, you need to run the Analog Trunk Tune-Up process again.
  8. Note that the process will re-tune all ports with detected trunks.