Maintenance Tasks

The UCX system allows requires very little maintenance. Recommended maintenance tasks can be scheduled for regular automatic execution.

Maintenance Tasks

1. Maintain your Software Subscription Service

With an active Software Subscription, customers have access to the latest software and firmware updates to protect against ever evolving security threats to any of the software and firmware components used in our products, minimizing the potential risk to their business operations and data. E-MetroTel will work remotely with customers that are under an active Software Subscription Services commitment to resolve issues related to our equipment and software, ensuring timely return to your normal operation. Customers under an active Software Subscription Services commitment are also able to receive feature enhancements and even new features on a continuous basis provided those enhancements and features do not require separate licensing. Active Software Subscription Services customers are able to update their systems with these capabilities on either an on-demand or scheduled basis. Refer to Subscription Services for additional details.

2. Schedule Backups on a regular basis

Scheduled backups ensure that you have update-to-date configuration information to recover from unexpected equipment outages. Since backups can actually be restored to new hardware or even cloud or virtualized systems, they can be used for business continuity recovery even in cases of flooding or fires or other similar scenarios if the backups are stored off-site.

3. Schedule Software Updates on a regular basis 

UCX Software, DSM16p cards, and Infinity 5000 series phones can all be configured for automatic updates. This will ensure that the latest software/firmware with the most up-to-date features, security enhancements, and fixes are being used. Refer to Software Update for configuring the UCX updates, DSM16 Software Updates, and Infinity 5000 Series - Auto Firmware Update for additional details.

4. Schedule Automated Cleanup tasks

UCX software can be configured to automatically clean up system generated data, including Automatic and Manual backups, Call Recordings, CDR Records, Packet Captures, and Voicemail Messages on a regular basis. Refer to Automated Cleanup for additional details.