InfinityOne – Quick Start Guide


InfinityOne is E-MetroTel’s client communications portal, providing team based messaging, softphone, file sharing, team collaboration, and call center features. It is provided as a licensed component of the UCX Server that is ideal for companies wanting to privately host their own chat service or provide fully featured softphones that can be accessed on multiple computing platforms.

InfinityOne supports:

  • A Chrome browser based user interface that is operating system agnostic,
  • A desktop client user interface that can be used on Windows, OS X, and Linux based computers,
  • A mobility app that can be used on mobile devices.

While the browser based interface provides convenient access to most of InfinityOne’s capabilities, the desktop version offers significant enhancements to the user interface when dealing with voice calls, as the application can be active at all times, and calls are not dropped just by closing a browser window or tab. Therefore, E-MetroTel recommends the use of the desktop client for most applications. The Mobility app is designed to provide easy access to InfinityOne’s messaging and telephony capabilities for users of mobile devices and takes advantage of the convenient touch screen interface and native call handling capabilities for managing multiple calls from multiple sources on a single device.

Each of these user interfaces offer various advantages and have specific deployment scenarios where they are best suited, as noted in InfinityOne User Interface Options. From the actual user interface perspective both the browser and desktop client are essentially the same, and the Mobile version, although it has native Mobile methodology for accessing functionality, provides essentially the same set of capabilities.

To get started with InfinityOne, please complete the following steps.

Step 1 – Login

Access the InfinityOne application from the web browser.

If you received a welcome email from InfinityOne, click on the link provided in the email and login with the username and password provided by the administrator.

Step 2 – Add Your Extension

Access My Account to add your extension.

Click on the down arrow on the top left corner beside your username.
Select My Account.
Select Phone.
Click on NEW EXTENSION and enter your extension in the Number field.
Then click on SAVE CHANGES..

You can repeat the above steps at any time to add more extensions to your account.


The extensions you choose to add must correspond to your list of allowed extensions as configured by your administrator.

You may also delete extensions at any time to stop the system from sharing the presence information for that extension.

Step 3 – Access Your Softphone

Click on the X button beside My Account and return to the home page of InfinityOne.

From the left navigation panel, click on the channel General, then click on the Soft Client  icon on the right icon bar.


For users who have been assigned a softphone as your primary phone, you need to register your extension.

If the primary device for the softphone is your computer, you can register your extension using the browser interface or desktop client..
If the primary device for the softphone is your mobile, then install the Mobile client first and proceed to register your extension using the mobile client.

  • Click on the Config button
  • Enter the User Configuration password provided by the administrator (default 82950)
  • Enter your Extension number


For users who already have a desktop phone and the softphone is your secondary phone, you can hotdesk your extension to the InfinityOne softphone:

  • Click on the HotDesk button
  • Enter your Extension number
  • Enter your Hotdesking Password provided by the administrator

Step 4 – Join Help Pages

If your administrator has created HELP (WIKI) pages, you can preview and join the pages.

From the left navigator panel, click on More HELP PAGES …

Click to Preview the desired page, then click on the button.

Pages that you have joined will be listed under HELP PAGES on the left navigation panel.

Next Steps

Once you have the above basic setup steps completed, you can now proceed to configure features and learn more about InfinityOne: