End User

Dictation Service

Dictation Service allows a user to dictate a letter via the telephone and send the letter as an audio file to another user to be typed up and/or transcribed.
The audio file formats supported are: Ogg Vorbis, GSM or WAVE.


Dictation Service is enabled by the system administrator on a per extension basis. The file format used is also configured per extension.

To perform Dictation

Phone Type Steps Notes
Any phone 1. Dial 34 .
2. The system will ask for a numeric dictation file name followed by the # sign.
3. After you enter the name and press the # key, the system places you in a Paused playback mode state. Refer to Dictation Commands below.
The file name can be any string of numbers that can be dialed from the telephone set.  Valid characters are 0-9 and the * keys.  Be aware that this interface will not provide a list of files that have been saved.  It is up to the users to establish and maintain any records of file names used.  For example, the user may want to use a date followed by an account number – 20170612*12345#.  So this name would be for account 12345 dictated on 2017 June 12.

Dictation Commands

To hear the help menu press 0 (zero)

    1 – Toggle between Record and Playback Mode
    2 – Toggle Fast Playback (Playback Mode)
    7 – Jump Backward approximately 1 second (Playback Mode)
    8 – Jump Forward approximately 3 seconds (Playback Mode)
    8 – Truncate (erase) Message (Record Mode)
    * – Pause or Unpause (Record or Playback Mode)
    # – Enter a new Numeric File Name for Recording

To send completed Dictation

Phone Type Steps Notes
Any phone 1. Dial *35 .
2. The system will send the dictated message to the email address that is configured by the system administrator under Dictation Services for the extension.
You need to provide your own sound player that is required on the computer to play the dictated messages that are sent to the email address.