End User

Follow Me / Find Me

Follow Me provides the ability to ring multiple extensions and/or external phone numbers simultaneously or in sequence.


Follow Me feature is added by the system administrator on a per extension basis. Each user can program their own Follow-Me list via the User Extension Portal.

To toggle Follow Me on/off

Phone TypeStepsNotes
Any phone1. Dial *21 .Follow Me feature must first be added to your extension by the system administrator.

To program the Follow-Me List

Access User Extension Portal

  1. Login to the User Extension Portal.
  2. From the left navigation panel, click on Follow Me.
  3. If the Follow Me feature has not been added to your extension, you will see the following message. Contact your system administrator to add the feature to your extension.
  4. If the Follow Me feature has been added to your extension, you will see a page similar to this.


The feature can be added to your extension and remain disabled. You can then enable/disable the feature by selecting/deselecting the Enable checkbox.

The feature can also be toggled ON and OFF from your phone by dialing the Follow Me feature code. (See Follow Me)

Follow-Me List

Enter the list of extensions or external phone numbers you want to ring in the Follow Me List box. There is no limit to the number of extensions or external phone numbers that can be configured in the Follow Me List.


Do not remove the primary extension number from the list.
External numbers must follow your system’s dial plan and terminate with the # sign.

Ring Time

You can configure the duration of the ring time for the primary extension and the numbers in the Follow Me list. Depending on the ring strategy setup by your system Administrator, the system will ring all the numbers in the Follow Me list at the same time or one at a time.

Use Confirmation

You enable the Use Confirmation option when there is an external number in the Follow Me list and this external number has a voicemail box. When enabled, the system will prompt the user to press “1” to accept or “2” to reject the incoming call. This prevents the call from terminating in the external voicemail box.