Infinity SIP - UCX Voicemail

UCX Voicemail User Guide

The integrated UCX Voicemail solution comes standard with every UCX system.  The UCX Voicemail menu enables users to listen to messages, forward messages, send messages to individuals and to groups, call-back a person who left a message, navigate their voicemail folders and record greetings.

Access Voicemail box

Access your voicemail by pressing the Message  button on the phone. Users can also access their mailbox from any phone by dialing their business phone number and pressing the  *  key when they hear their voicemail greeting.

Logging into your voicemail box

UCX Voicemail Top Menu

UCX Voicemail Message Navigation

UCX Voicemail - Common User Functions

Voicemail Greetings

Unavailable Greeting - plays to caller when Ring No Answer. 

Default: "Person at extension xxx / <recorded name> is unavailable."

Busy Greeting - plays to caller if you are on the phone.

Default: "Person at extension xxx / <recorded name> is on the phone."

Temporary Greeting - if recorded it will always play.

Use this greeting to inform callers about and during long periods of absence.

Recording Greetings - System advises if Temporary Greeting is in place:

If Temporary Greeting is recorded, system will prompt:

1 - Record temp greeting (to record a new one)
2 - Erase temporary greeting

During recording of any Greeting you can:

1 - Accept your recording
2 - Listen to your recording
3 - Re-record
# - End your recording


Messages left are saved in the "New" Folder.
Messages played and not deleted are saved in "Old" Folder.
Once played, messages can be saved in folder of choice:

0 - New
1 - Old
2 - Work
3 - Family
4 – Friends

Message Envelope Playback

1 – Skip Envelope and Play Message
During Message Playback
* - Rewind Message by 3 seconds
# - Fast Forward Message by 3 seconds
0 - Pause Message playback; press '0' to resume playback
1456789 - Any of these buttons will stop Message playback and perform the action at the Message Level

Current Folder

On Login if New Messages >0, Current Folder = "New" Folder
On Login if New Messages =0, Current Folder = "Old" Folder
On Folder change, Current Folder = Selected Folder

Leaving Messages

System Plays Greeting.  During greeting, press:
# - Skip rest of greeting and start Message recording
* - Skip Message recording and allow remote access to your personal mailbox; System prompts for password
0 - Transfer to operator if enabled
System Plays "Beep"
System Records Message.  During recording, press:
# - End recording and select the following options:
0 - Transfer to operator if enabled (RECORDING is DELETED)
1 - Save message in your "New" Folder
2 - Review message
3 - Re-record message
4 - Mark/remove urgent status
Hang up - Message left in "New" Folder

Configurable by Administrator on a system-wide basis

Ring-time before Call goes to Voicemail

The default ring time before a call is sent to voicemail is 20 seconds.

Key to escape Greeting and go to Voicemail

The default value is  * .

Instruction to Callers to "please leave message after tone"

The default is ON. If turned off, caller will simply hear a Beep.

Transfer to Operator

Define the Operator Extension to allow transfer to the operator by pressing  when listening to Mailbox Greeting or Leaving a Message.

Configurable by Administrator on a per extension basis

Unified Messaging

Enter the user’s Email address to send notification by email when there is a new message. Enable ‘Email Attachment’ option so that voicemails are included as attachments.