Infinity SIP - LCD Screen and Icons

LCD Screen Layout

Screen area Description
Date & Time Displays the current date and time of the phone.
Notice Displays notifications such as missed calls, do not disturb mode, call forward mode etc.
Line Key & current account Shows the line key labels with the current account highlighted. You can switch accounts by pressing the Right/Left navigation key.
Soft Key Shows the soft key labels.
DSS Key Line keys can also be used for other feature functions like BLF, Speed dial, etc.
Multipage Key Depending on the number of keys supported, the multipage key is used to navigate to the other pages to view and used these keys.
Wallpaper Shows the current wallpaper picture. This can be changed.

ICON Overview

Icon Description
Network down
Line registered
Line unregistered
Line ringing
Speed dial
BLF idle
BLF ringing
  BLF busy
Solid red circle -> BLF key on the second page of 5046 module is busy
Blinking red circle -> BLF key on the second page of 5046 module is ringing
See section on 5046 Expansion module below.
Speaker mode
Handset mode
Headset mode
Voice message
Text message
Do not disturb (DND)
Volume is 0
Dialed calls
Received calls
Missed calls
Forward calls
Keypad locked
Pick up
Call park
Other functions

5046 expansion module

Each expansion module can support up to 40 keys, 20 keys per page. If there is a BLF key configured on the second page, any change in the BLF key is displayed on the first page as a solid or blinking small red dot.
The example below shows a solid red dot for key 1, indicating that the BLF key 1 on the second page is busy.

LED Overview

Power Indicator LED

LED Description
Steady Green Idle or Busy status – Power on
Blinking Green Ringing status

Line LED

LED Description
Steady Green On call or on hold
Blinking Red Ringing
Off Idle


LED Description
Steady Green Monitored line is Idle
Steady Red Monitored line is calling or on a call
Blinking Red Monitored line is ringing
Off All other unknown status

Other Keys LED

Key Description
Headset key Steady green when headset mode is on, otherwise OFF
Message key Blinking green when there is a new message(s), otherwise OFF
Mute key Steady red when mute is on, otherwise OFF