Hospitality - License and Installation


The UCX Hospitality application is a UCX licensed add-on that can be purchased from an authorized E-MetroTel reseller. Once you have purchsed the license with the required number of rooms you will need to update the license in the UCX software.

Retrieve the Hospitality (HP) License

  1. Open the UCX Web-based Configuration Utility
  2. From the System tab, select Licenses
  3. From the left side column, select Enter License
  4. Click the Retrieve & Apply button.
  5. Verify that the Hospitality license code is now part of the Product Code shown on License Details page.
  6. The Hospitality license is indicated by the tag HP:n where n is the number of room licenses included.


Hospitality Software Package

Release 7.0

Once you have updated the license string, you will need to install the package in the UCX to begin configuring and using the functionality.

  1. Navigate to the Accessories page where you will see a list of all available Addon Packages
  2. Scroll to the entry for Hospitality Management Interface
  3. If the license has not been installed, there will be a Buy button presented which will connect you to the Partner Portal for ordering. You may also need to review the previous section on updating the license on the UCX.
  4. If the license is properly installed, click the INSTALL button.
  5. You may be prompted and required to update the UCX software prior to the install process, following the Software Update documentation. Once completed, the return to the Addon page and click the INSTALL button.
  6. The installation process will take a few moments, but you will receive progress indications from the browser.
  7. You will receive a final confirmation that the software was successfully installed.
  8. After the successful installation, the Hospitality tab will be added to the Accessories menu

Note that once you have installed Hospitality on Release 7.0, the Hospitality service will be included on the Process Status applet in the UCX Dashboard page allowing you to stop or restart the service as required during troubleshooting:


Release 6.0

From Release 6.0 and up, the ucx-hospitality package is already installed. For earlier releases, follow the steps below to install the package.

  1. From the System tab, select Updates
  2. From the left side column, select Packages
  3. Click on Show Filter under name field enter hosp
  4. Under Status pull-down, select All
  5. Locate the ucx-hospitality package and click on the Install link in the Status column


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