Hospitality - Guest Name Conversion

The software in many PMS systems is able to send accented characters in guest names. These accented characters are not part of the ASCII character set supported by some of the E-MetroTel software components causing names not to be displayed properly on some telephones and generated voicemail passwords to fail. However, a recent update to the UCX Hospitality package has addressed this incompatibility.

In order for names with accented characters to be displayed properly on receiving phones and to be used for voicemail passwords, the UCX will transliterate such names (replace accented characters with corresponding ASCII characters). The software package ucx-hospitality version 6.0.0 release 13 introduced this transliteration functionality.  For example, if the guest name received from the PMS system is "Köln, Hans", the name sent to phones will be "Koln, Hans" and the voicemail password generated for this guest will be K O L N = 5 6 5 6.

Note: If you have an existing PMS configuration that already has rooms assigned using names with accented letters, then in order to set the transliterated names for all guests, it would be desirable to invoke synchronization from the PMS system. During this process, the PMS system sends all guest names to the phone system and all guest names will be therefore correctly converted. Without this synchronization, the transliteration will be done for new checkins only.

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